Accidently started project with all 3 processes. Need only 1st...

I have a large multi-thousand image project I’m working on for the first time. I just found out that I need only run each sub-project through the first process only. I ran 2 full ones yesterday (all 3 processes), and forgot about one that’s currently running all 3.

1.Can projects that have run all 3 still be used in the merging process by somehow removing the last 2?

  1. Can I stop the project after the 1st process completes without causing any problems?

Thanks in advance!



  1. Is there a way to pause processing while it is still in the 1st stage to uncheck 2 & 3? It allows you to uncheck them under options while it is running, but the OK button is greyed out and nonfunctional.

Here is my input on your three questions: 

  1. Yes, projects that have all three steps processed can still be used for merging. However, steps 2 and 3 will be discarded. Hence, I would recommend to only process step 1 when merging projects. More about merging here.
  2. If the first step is finished and it is processing step 2, cancelling the processing should still save outputs from step 1. If you want outputs from step 2, you’ll either have to reprocess step 2 or if you are doing the merging procedure, you can run step 2 afterwards (step 2 will be discarded during merging).
  3. No, there is no pause button for the moment. The only way is to cancel processing or to run the steps separately. 

Hope it helps!