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Progress indicator and Pause

Hi Pix4d support team,

I just checked there was a request for a “PAUSE” button for processing in the forum. Sometimes we would like to use the PC for another processes during a multiple pix4d project calculation but we can’t do se because pix4d is using a considerable portion of the computer CPU and RAM. WE WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE A PAUSE BUTTON.

Another thing is the progress indicator, which shows only the progress of currently processed project phase and gives you no idea how much time of the whole project is needed till completion. OVERALL PROGRESS indicator and estimated TIME TO FINISH the project will help a lot.

Thanks for the development you have done so far, you are great!


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Dear Mike,

We appreciate your feedback and will add this pause feature to the list we are compiling of requested features. Please be aware that some features are more complicated to incorporate and might take some time/prove very difficult to implement. However, all feedback is welcome and considered. 

An overall progress indicator is certainly at the top of our list of features to be implemented as it is often requested. 

Best regards,

Ditto on the pause.I do a lot of P4D demos and it would be nice to pause when moving to different locations.

If not a pause button it would be nice if I could stop it between processes like stop between making my point cloud and orthomosaic 

yes, a pause button is really needed. full progress bar would be nice.