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What type of Camera and Filter to use for NDVI.

Good day will you please assist me in Choosing the right Camera Filter, I am Planning on buying from Mapir but they have Different option listed below.

OCN Filter (Orange + Cyan + NIR)

RGN Filter (Red + Green + NIR)

NGB Filter (NIR + Green + Blue)

RedEdge Filter (RE)

Near Infrared Filter (NIR)

RGB Filter (Red + Green + Blue)

Hello Sarel,

In order to produce an NDVI index you need to have Red and NIR channels.

I hope this helps.



So if I use this one RGN Filter (Red + Green + NIR), will I be Fine Then? Will I be able to proses the images trough pix4d fields?

Hello again,

You have to be sure you capture at least RED and NIR for the NDVI.

Pix4Dfields can process such data.