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Modified X4s NDVI Camera model settings (bands and parameters) for Inspire 2


I purchased an Inspire 2 with an NDVI modified X4s. How do I determine the correct parameters (nm, weight, etc) for the camera before the processing? 

Also, I know the camera process Red and Nir, but how do I determine if it’s using green or blue as the third band?

I’d be glad to provide more info but I’m not sure what to include ATM.

Thanks in advance!



This information can be provided by the company that sold you the camera. With a modified camera, the firmware still calls the 3 channels Red, Green and Blue. However, the information stored in these channels is no longer Red, Green and Blue because the filters have been changed. The company that sold you the camera will be able to provide you the mapping information between the bands and the channel, i.e. which band is registered in which channel. You can then change the names in the camera model editor. See the following links


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