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create a camera model for NDVI


I have a camera Canon Powershot SX260HS modified by MaxMax for NDVI.

How to set up this camera model within the data base ?

Red       625 ???     0.0722  ???

Green   580 ???      0.2126  ???

NDVI    880 ???    0.7152

Any help appreciated

Dear Patrice,

Regarding the configuration of the camera model bands, it does not matter what you set as Central Wave Length or Band Width. Actually these are values for you, just to remind you the properties of the bands.

What really matters is to set the correct weight of each band since they are taken into account for processing step 1.
Given your bands, you could you try the following weights (sum should always be 1): NIR = 0.7152, Red = 0.0722, Green = 0.2126

When working with common or modified cameras, they are probably not designed for radiometric fidelity. They can still be used with Pix4Dmapper and give you reliable results as long as you perform some pre-processing to the images before importing them into our software.

For example you should correct for vignetting, dark current, etc. To apply these corrections, it is necessary to have access to the RAW images files. Moreover, using a modified camera can bring many problems, to calibrate the camera, plus the results may not be so accurate.

Here are some recommendations for agriculture precision: