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Precision Agriculture

Hi Everyone,

Am just interested if anyone has been successful in conducting NDVI Projects using Pix4d.
My question is have you used a calibration target and if so how have you imported those results from your calibration target to help you create your index maps in Pix4d?Lastly where did you purchase your targets from?


Hi Patrick. I’ve done some NDVI projects using a Tetracam camera that does NIR, Red, Green. The camera came with a teflon calibration target that is used with their own software to correct the images before loading them into Pix4D. I have not tried using the built in calibration feature in Pix4D as it asks for albedo values which we don’t have for our teflon calibration targets. If any one has any ideas about how to figure out the albedo values from a target, I would like to try it out.

Patrick - I’m investigating the same thing to do some agriculture projects where I live. As I only have a regular camera on a DJI Phantom I’ve been looking into calibration targets and have seen some on Amazon. I’m still not sure if I should just spring for a multispectral camera and compatible UAS system or if I can pull it off with my existing equipment.


Duncan - Which UAS did you use with the Tetracam?

Hi Blair,

I believe even though you get a multispectral camera you will still need a calibration target to measure how much illumination is in your images and this is done by using a calibration target. Let me know if you get any results.

Have a look at this Pix4d video below, which basically explains it all! I would skip to 8:00 to get right into it.

Blair, we are using the Aeryon Scout with the Tetracam ADC Lite, I believe. 

Hi Patrick and colleagues,

I am using multiSPEC 4c. It is, of course, equipped with a radiometric target created by the French company AIRINOV. It took me forever to get the reflectance/albedo values. I simply emailed the company and wrote the manufacture number of the target. Every manufacturer must know the reflectance values of their targets produces. Moreover, the values may vary (99% of the cases).

Moreover, our target has the reflectance values only for our camera’s 4 bands. I would suggest buying a multispectral camera with a target not only the target.

If you have more question regarding this topic, contact me :slight_smile: I’m not a pro but doing a research in this field.