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Best camera for NDVI

Hi guys,

Which camera do you recommend for index maps? I am mainly interested in NDVI maps.


I started with a modified cameras, many problems, I changed to another modified camera, and probelms again, now I have the Airinov multiSPEC 4C. no problems and more accurate results.

Dear Tom,

Please keep in mind that not all sensors are suitable for the generation of a good Reflectance Map and consequently for the generation of a good Index Map.

There are some specific multispectral camera (like Airinov multiSPEC 4C ( , MicaSense, …) that are designed for radiometric fidelity and the manufacturer usually provides the tools to produce accurate results.

They are very tested by us, fully integrated into Pix4D software and their exif file can write the needed information, not all cameras write the needed information in the exif.

Apart from these sensors, we have several users who work with modified cameras. These are cameras that are not designed for radiometric fidelity. They can still be used with Pix4Dmapper and give you good results given that you do some preprocessing to the images before importing them in our software. For example you should correct them from vignetting , dark current , etc.

Please have a look at the following article:

that gives more information about the preprocessing / corrections that you should apply to your images and some instructions about how this can be done.
To apply these corrections, it is important that you have access to the RAW images files.

Best regards,