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Reflectance and Index map

I’m looking for a way to color reflectance map and generate an index map based on this map.
Need help.


You can have a look at this article: Using the Index Calculator with Pix4DMapper – Support There are some nice videos there that explain how to generate vegetation indices maps.

Let us know if you have any questions.


I have another question related to index map.
Normally, the availability of an index depend on the number of image’s group and the name of the band; but in my case, as you can look on the picture below, NIR band does not appear on the reflectance map, then it’s impossible for me to compute the NDVI.


Hope you are doing fine. This depends on which camera you are processing. Seems you are not processing the multispectral images to me.

Does your camera register data for the NIR band? Which camera are you using? Usually, the multispectral images are in a tiff format. Did you import those images or only the RGB data which usually is in jpg?