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Generate indices from 2 layers

Good morning all!
I just created 2 orthomosaics in Pix4DFields, one in RGB and the other in RE + NIR. No problem to create the VARI, NDRE and TGI indices. But if I want to create a new index using the 2 spectrum sources (for example NDVI), I cannot combine this information (NIR and RED).
Is it impossible or did I forget to do something?
Thank you for your reply


Have you check our article: Generate a vegetation index ? Maybe this can help you. There you can find that we can create custom indices depending on the available bands from your imported images, these are listed as buttons under Reflectance Map Bands . We can generate more indices, but we do not have the feature of generating composite maps yet. However, you can generate bands separately by using formula red=red, and NIR=NIR by the index calculator and then use QGIS/ArcGIS to create the composite map with individual reflectance maps

Let us know if you have some more questions


Ok thank you for this info.
I had already read the article on how to generate new indexes.
I am testing Mapper in parallel, and I saw that we could make composite maps on this software. However, some functions (min, max are not available …)
I will have to start in ARCGIS …

Let us know how it goes. If you have some questions, please do not hesitate to contact us back

Have a nice day