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Can I generate a CIR map with Pix4Dfields?

  1. How to generate a CIR map?

We are aware of the importance of CIR imagery to determine health vegetation, the pigment in plant leaves, and in general, the usefulness of this imagery to interpret natural resources, so we are working on this feature, at the moment, using Pix4Dfields you can get the necessary bands to get the CIR map. As you probably know, we do have a tool to create your custom index, but in this case, CIR is not an index. It is a composite fales RGB map, and instead of blue in an RGB composite image, NIR is used. You can produce it in QGIS which is a free software by making a composite of the NIR, red and green after generating the single band reflectance maps from Pix4Dfields.

  1. Process the images

  2. Go to the Index Generator button

  1. Click Create custom index

  1. Select the red, green and NIR reflectance bands (one by one). Click preview and then apply

  1. Click Export


  1. Raster

  2. Miscellaneous

  3. Build Virtual Raster

  1. Select the bands you want to use as “Input files”

  1. Choose the output and run