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CIR maps

Is possible to create CIR map in Pix4Dmapper or Pix4Dfields based on Altum camera photos? Thanks.

Hi Grzegorz Durlo,

For now, we do not have CIR map into the list of indices of Pix4Dfields and Pix4Dmapper. However, based on the benefits of CIR maps we have sent your suggestion to the developer team of Pix4Dfields to work on it. You can produce it in QGIS which is a free software by making a composite of the NIR, red and green after generating the single band reflectance maps from Pix4Dmapper/fields

In Pix4Dfields, we do support Altum cameras, though, do not forget to check the camera model, lens model and focal length of your camera.  In this particular case , I looked it up and the same Altum cameras that Pix4Dmapper supports are supported by Pix4Dfields.   All registered cameras and each camera’s parameters in the Pix4Dmapper camera database are registered in the icmdb.xml file located in the Pix4Dmapper installation folder. You can follow the instructions of this link