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Sentera Double 4k

Hello I have a Sentera Double 4K and working the last year with the pi4d mapper and charge a template for sentera camera and no have any problem this year I would change to pi4dfields I export the camera xml of the pix4dmapper and charge to pix4fields and no have any problem the problem appear when i charge the images of sensor RGB and the images of NIR for create a orthomosaic with the 5 bands appear a messague and no process the all bands.

Hi, What happens when you click process? This warning is because the double 4K is 2 separate cameras (one with 3 bands and the other with 2 bands) which is why the software tells you half of the images are from one camera of the sensor and the other half is from the other camera. This camera does not exist as a rig in our database.

Hello, I have an issue related to this. I am using a Sentera Double4K and the Camera export file from Pix4D Mapper, imported into Pix4D Fields.
The images from the first camera (RGB) is stitched together nicely, however the second part (NIR) is not available for use.
There is an alpha band in Info, but it can’t be selected in Index calculator.

Any idea what part of my setup is wrong?

p.s. these two warnings can be found in the log:
NOTICE: Duplicated images found. Keeping ‘C:/Users/NIR/IMG_00273.jpg’ and discarding ‘C:/Users/NIR/IMG_00273.jpg’
WARNING: Discarding capture event with files [C:/Users/NIR/IMG_00273.jpg] due to inconsistent bands

Hi, You will need to process the NIR images and the RGB as separate projects. This is because this camera is not there in our database as a rig. See more here: Sentera Double 4k. You can then export each reflectance map (Red=Red, Green=Green, etc) from one project and then NIR from the other and use QGIS to get the indices.

Hello, thanks for your answer.

I have created a single-file 5 band image for export into Pix4D fields, however the software crashes when I try to load the image.

It gets to around 70% and then closes down without warning.

The image looks correct in QGIS, and the instructions have been followed exactly, according to Sentera’s user guide:

Can you repeat this error on your end with the following image:

(Link expires 01/03-21)