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Sentera Double 4k

Hello I have a Sentera Double 4K and working the last year with the pi4d mapper and charge a template for sentera camera and no have any problem this year I would change to pi4dfields I export the camera xml of the pix4dmapper and charge to pix4fields and no have any problem the problem appear when i charge the images of sensor RGB and the images of NIR for create a orthomosaic with the 5 bands appear a messague and no process the all bands.

Hi, What happens when you click process? This warning is because the double 4K is 2 separate cameras (one with 3 bands and the other with 2 bands) which is why the software tells you half of the images are from one camera of the sensor and the other half is from the other camera. This camera does not exist as a rig in our database.

Hi, You will need to process the NIR images and the RGB as separate projects. This is because this camera is not there in our database as a rig. See more here: Sentera Double 4k. You can then export each reflectance map (Red=Red, Green=Green, etc) from one project and then NIR from the other and use QGIS to get the indices.


Thanks for your inputs. Can you please let me know the exact order of the bands that you used?
I can not see that in the metadata image

I think this might be the issue, but we can write these on the orthomosaic so it can work. Also, can you please let me know which software you used to process the images?


Thanks for your patience. I added the bands in the order you suggested, and it gets recognized in Pix4Dfields but doesn’t look correct. Can you please test merging the reflectance maps in QGIS? Seems you are using the outputs of the index folder.

If you still have issues can you please send us the reflectance Geotiffs, so we can merge in from our side, and test adding to Pix4Dfields?

Inside of this folder:


Guide from Sentera regarding 5 Band single GeoTIFF



Weird the issue is that I see six bands on the Geotiff but you only gave me 5 bands. Can you please also share all the bands you merged in QGIS?

The bands from camera 1 is RGB

The bands from camera 2 is Red-edge, Garbage, NIR. The garbage band is the sixth band that should not be used.

Hi, can you follow this from Micasense: How do I work with MicaSense GeoTiff's in QGIS and create a PDF report? – MicaSense Knowledge Base? If you know the band order, it should work

Hello Momtanu,
It worked; creating an NDVI image in QGIS, exporting as TIFF, and transferring to Pix4D Fields.
Also I can calculate statistics from the QGIS generated image.

I was hoping there was an easier way to use Sentera D4K images in Pix4D Fields than having to use:
Pix4DMapper → QGIS → Pix4D Fields

Anyways, thanks for the help both of you!


We are glad to hear that you could make it work. We also passed the info to the team to see how can we help you more on similar cases, but for now, this would be the recommended workflow.

Have a good day.