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Sentera ndvi camera

I am currently using a DJI Mavi Pro with a Sentera NDVI sensor. I am not satisfy with Sentera’s software, field agent, Does Pix4D support this sensor?

Thanks and regards


Hi Rodrigo,

Pix4Dmapper can process sentera images. However, Pix4Dfields does not support Sentera yet. It will be added in the camera database in the future.


I am using the Sentera 5-band Multi-spectral sensor which saves RGB data in 1 jpg file and the corresponding Red Edge and NIR data in a separate jpg file.

Is there any update to your initial response regarding the processing of Sentera data?

Can Pix-4D process this data by either combining it all into a single 5 band image or even save it as separate RGB and RE/NIR mosaic images?


Regards JBM

Hi Jonathan,

If you have Pix4Dmapper, you can process sentera images. There are some users who use sentera images to get reflectance maps in Pix4D.

Has the Sentera Single Sensor been added to pix4d Fields yet? If not, do you have a timeline. Thanks!

Hi Dan,

Since sentera has many different models, we will have to add them all together to our database. I know that it will be added but we do not have a timeline yet. I will post here when we have more updates.

I also have a sentera 5 band multispectral sensor. I also can not select my sensor or process NDVI. Is there a time frame on the updates? Or is there a way to manually input the values? Or some way to be able to process NDVI?

You can use Pix4Dmapper @Sally. For fields we don’t really have a timeline yet.

The actual adding of the camera to your database shouldn’t be that complicated. What is the hold-up? Royalties?

Hi Daniel,

The NDVI sensor from sentera needs to write the EXIF information in a particular way. As of right now, we are working with the Sentera team to make that possible. A future firmware update for the camera will solve it as soon as it’s implemented. Thanks :slight_smile: