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Sentera Camara

it is possible to use a sentera camara with Pix4d field software?

We are working on supporting Sentera cameras, and with the release of their new firmware we will support the single NDVI and single NDRE camera. Also, if some camera is not supported, you can still process the images in Pix4Dfields using our camera xml method:

Hello. Since your answer, have you come up with an easier method to use Sentera’s cameras (especially Dual 4K)?

Hi Sylvain,

At the moment the Sentera Single sensors were added to our camera database. Please make sure that the version of the firmware is updated to version2.3.2. We added this for Pix4Dfields 1.7. To see the new features or cameras on each Pix4Dfields release, please have a look here.