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Export multispectral map to from Pix4d mapper to Pix4d fields

Can someone walk me through the process of exporting my multispectral map from Pix4d mapper to Pix4d fields? I would like to use the indices already generated on Pix4d fields.

Hi Jerimiah, you will need to generate the indices on pix4Dmapper and then import those to Pix4DFields. You can then do futher analysis in Pix4DFields. You can also compare the maps generated by Pix4DMapper and Pix4DFields by using the comparison tool. If you want to generate index in Pix4DFields from the outputs of Pix4DMapper, then you will need to import a multi band composite map. However, when you use virtual raster and generate a multiband tiff in QGIS, the bandname XMP tag is removed and thus Pix4D is not able to recognise the map. The workaround would be to write the tag (Xmp.Camera.BandName) with exiv2 (a tool for writing/reading exif tags). Here’s a link of xmp tags read by Pix4D: