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Export multiple band in single geotiff

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently working on an area with a multispectral camera, for which we made several flights during the summer. I’m trying to study the evolution of vegetation, for that i used the NDVI index wich I exported to Geotiff for Qgis.

However, i also need tu calculate my own indexes in Qgis, using the raster calculator. I can export each band separately (NIR, Red edge, Red, Green) but it would be much handy for me to export only one Geotiff, containing four bands, for each of my projects (every date i flew the drone).

Is there a way to export a single-file multiband geotiff ?

I’m working on Pix4D Mapper V4.6.4

Hello @DRONE_ALSACE, The output results are in the form of individual reflectance bands. At the moment, there is no option to generate the multiband reflectance in PIX4Dmapper.