Pix4dFields raster export - single bands and band order in multiband output


I am evaluating the Pix4d Fields but due to lack of export option in trial version I need to ask few questions on the forum.

Can I export single reflectance maps for required bands or it is possible to export multiband rasters only?

If only multiband configuration is available, what is the band order in the output? I am planing to use RedEdge-P or Altum - PT. Plus does the RGB imagery is exported in R-G-B band order or matching band wavelength (B - G - R)?

Does the Fields always add Alpha band to every raster?

Hi Piotr,
Yes, you can export single reflectance bands. You can also create custom composite images. We have templates such as NDVI and more. But it is not limited to these configurations.

Thanks Mike,

By composite images You mean indices or composites like CIR as well? I am curious whether I could pick single bands and build in Fields virtual raster like in QGIS. Is this possible?

Would it be possible to have a chance to unlock export for single dataset I already acquired familiarize with the camera and software?

Yes. Log out and then log back in. You should have full access now.

Sorry to confuse you. You can create single band indices in addition to composite images as well.