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DJI Phantom P4 Multispectral.


I am wondering if Pix4D mapper is compatible with the new DJI Phantom P4 multispectral?


DJI P4 multispectral is compatible with pix4Dmapper. It was released in the version 4.5.3. You can see our technical release notes here:

Thank you very much for your help! I will check this out and let you know if I was able to process phantom 4 multispectral images.


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Hey, were can i find a full workflow?

Hi @yourulf, The workflow is the same as any other multispectral image processing in Pix4DMapper. You can have a look here: If you are looking for any specific answer or having any issues with the workflow, please let us know.

i still have some problems my images. still there are artifacts. Is the irradiance sensor data of the p4ms used in pix4d?

` Would love to talk to an engeneer to understand that issue better, i was digging into the metadata of each tiff but i am not sure were the information is stored.

You are talking to one :slight_smile:

The tags are stored in the EXIF, you can use exiv2 to read the tags. The irradiance and sun angle tags that Pix4D uses are Xmp.Camera.Irradiance, Xmp.Camera.IrradianceYaw, Xmp.Camera.IrradiancePitch, Xmp.Camera.IrradianceRol. However, the sun angle tags which are the irradince yaw, pitch, roll are tagged as 0 in teh DJI p4p images.

It depends on you whether you want to use the light sensor data for radiometric correction. If you choose camera only correction, Pix4D will not use use the sun sensor data. If you use camera and sun irradince, Pix4D will use the DLS data.

For more info, you can have a look here:

Can you let us know what are these two screenshots represent? Are they NDVI (and are they both with or without radiometric correction)?

Hi Momtanu,

we are trying to process a DJI P4 Multispectral dataset (5 bands, TIFF) using Pix4Dmapper (see attached Pix4D Report). All bands are OK apart from the Red Edge. The software does not find enough Automatic Tie Points in the RE band, consequently camera calibration and orientation fail. Most (raw) RE images are very crisp and with clear details. Could you suggest a possible solution ? Should we avoid using the Sun Irradiance data?

Thank you in advance for your help,

P4M_28_05_20_report.pdf (1.9 MB)

Hi @Maurizio_Buonanno, Can you try with the most recent version of the software (4.5.6)? The rig was added in 4.5.3, thus you can see in your version the images are not getting processed as a rig. In that case, the software has to find keypoint from images of all bands which is difficult because red, red-edge bands have less variability than green, NIR. When processing as a rig, Pix4D calibrates all the images of only the green band and uses that to process images/reconstruct the other maps. Using 4.5.6 should solve this issue.

I am having similar issues with Phantom 4 Multi NIR and RED images. I started using P4M in May with success through June but have not been able to produce another single band image since then. I updated the software I think sometime in early July to 4.5.6. I have been using P4P for the last year with no issues and the P4M RGB appears to have no issues.

Image process status

Hi @mjackson Can you send us the logfile, quality report and p4d file?