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How to calculate a index from two images

Hi, I have produce two thermostatic images, one is RGB, One is RGN.

I need to EVI.

Formula of EVI:
EVI = 2.5 * ((NIR – Red) / ((NIR) + (C1 * Red) – (C2 * Blue) + L))

the custom index doesn’t allow to use NIR and Blue at the same time.
How can I do that?


you have to merge the 2 orthos, you can do that in QGIS with Raster → Misc → Merge.

Can I do it in the pix4Dfield?

This depends on your camera, which camera are you using? If the camera is synchronized they are usually added to the database as a rig, if not then you have to process separately and then follow the steps Julius mentioned.