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NDVI, EVI indices

Hello all,

Please could anyone tell me if the NDVI and EVI indices are already contained within Pix4Dfields? (I haven’t purchased yet!).
I intend to use it with a La Quinta multispectral camera which can capture images for translation by both, but I’m not clear if these are included in the software or not?
Do the indices contain crop-type data? For example, if surveying a field can the software distinguish wheat from rapeseed, or if surveying a forest can it distinguish between Oak and Beech trees?

Thank you all in advance!


I hope you are doing great. In general, Pix4Dfields will be able to calculate the indices depending on your camera’ available bands.

Some indices will be there by default, but you can always calculate more indices if you have the bands that those indices need. You can see more information here: Generate a vegetation index – Support

About La Quinta camera is not in our database, but I have seen users processing the images with an XML file. NDVI will be shown by default on the available indices in Pix4Dfields. The EVI you can calculate with the index calculator. It will work as your camera has all the bands you need for both indices.

You can always test the software. I am attaching the XML file we have received from a user. You can import this file as we explain at the end of this article: How to generate an XML file to process a not supported camera in Pix4Dfields – Support

This file will allow you to process your images from La Quinta.

Laquinta.xml (1.3 KB)