DJI X3 NDVI Camera

I have an DJI X3 NDVI camera for my Matrice 100. It’s a “factory” NDVI – not a home hacked camera. It was part of the “Smarter Farming” package many years ago.

I’m trying to use the trial version of Pix4Dfields. It imports the images from my camera and stitches them just fine. However, it does not seem to recognize the fact that they’re supposed to be NDVI images. There’s no NDVI option in the Index Generator and there’s no nir option in the Custom Index Calculator.

How can I get Pix4Dfields to recognize these as NDVI images?



Hi Farren,

You should be able to do this by using a custom index. In this case because we are using a camera which is missing proper tags ad metadata the user has to do it themselves.

  1. Stitch your map
  2. Go to Index Calculator
  3. Click Create Custom Index
  4. Create an NDVI based on the bands so if Red=NIR and Green=Red this would be your NDVI
  5. Click preview/apply at the bottom

I am not sure of the band order for your camera and which one should substituted for which but it should be easy to do. As long as you use the NDVI formula you should be ok.

See index formulas here: