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Peau productions DJI Phantom 3 NDVI lens


just got a NDVI modified 3,97 lens for DJI Phantom 3 pro from Preau Productions for a small project.

Did the first shooting with it, created the first project but it went wrong.

Pix4D created all the folders, the project and everyting but the tiffs are totally white.

I suppose that I have to modify somehow the camera so that your SW knows how to work with colours.

This is from the manufacturer mail to me: “The filter is a narrow dual band one, which lets red light into the red channel and the NIR light into all channels.” 

Perhaps you could help me to create the needed camera profile to get the best results from Pix4D :slight_smile:

I can share the report if needed.

With best regards,


Dario Finderle


Hope you found some help in your project.

I found this thread:

with this article in it:

that explains the use of modified cameras.  It is somewhat complicated for me, but i hope eventually doable, but I will need help from my lens manufacturer (IRPro) and possibly from Pix4D as I attempt to produce relative-NDVI maps. 



thanks for your help, I am just researching the links :slight_smile: