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Plant Population
Plant Density

Offtype (Identify & Count specific crop/regions)

Isolation (Time & Distance)

Growth Uniformity Rating (Density & Height)

Nutrient Deficiency rating

Irrigation Status

Pest Incidents Rating

Disease Rating

Nick Observation

Crop Health Rating (Uniformity, Disease Rating)

Harvesting of RF & OF lots (Plot Based classification)

Harvesting Moisture

LSV Count

Yield Estimation


Thank you for your suggestions. I am sharing the feedback with the team. I would also like to share some information that might help you with your current workflow with Pix4Dfields.

Using Pix4Dfields, you will generate different vegetation indices, which help you identify your field’s stress areas. Each vegetation index is commonly used for different purposes. For example,

NDVI= mainly use to measure biomass
NRE= Since it is sensitive to chlorophyll content can help you also with determining nitrogen content on the crop

There are many vegetation indices available, and you can also generate your own using our index calculator. I am attaching some links below that would help you to learn more about it.

Though each vegetation index indicates different properties, our suggestion is to try many vegetation indices and choose the ones you think best reflects your crops’ health. This is because it is true that each index has a purpose. However, this varies depending on the crop, soil quality, environmental conditions, etc.

Generating maps with vegetation indices help you save time identifying stress areas in your field, visually compare data through the years, and identifying patterns in your field. Once you created the maps on Pix4Dfields, I will recommend doing ground scouting on those stress areas. You will recognize the reason for the stress: nitrogen deficiency, soil moisture deficiency, pests damaging the plants, less density of plants (more soil), etc.

With this information, you add some annotations to your map in Pix4Dfields. You can also have a repository to understand your field through different years or share specific areas to your tractor spraying drone with our zonation tool and annotation tools.

Links that will help you:

  1. Vegetation indices:
    o Vegetation indices in Pix4Dfields
    o How to generate vegetation indices in Pix4Dfields
  2. Webinar explaining our latest features with applications
  3. Download the software to get familiar with it. All of you have 15 days trial for free
  4. Workflow of Pix4Dfields in trial plot applications

Please let us know this has been helpful for you, if you have questions or if you would prefer to have some extra features on the application. We will be very happy to help you.