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As a user I want to be able to identify plant types, such as weeds in crops, so that I can tell the farmer that they have a problem with ‘x’ weed.

It would be really useful for Pix4fields to contain an index of identified plant or tree types based on their typical reflectance value, so that it can give a best indication of what a particular plant, crop, grass or weed type is.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your suggestion, we have added the Magic tool recently, which will help you detect where weeds are, afterward, you can walk the field and determine what kind of weed they are.

You can use Share to PIX4Dcloud to walk the field with your phone:

Hi Jose, sorry for the late reply, appreciate all the help you are giving me!
I’m looking at the reflectance values to observe if there is a difference between the various plants shown in a map.
For example, if I flew a low altitude, detailed mission allowing me to see individual plants and then process using NDVI, in theory I should be able to detect variances in the reflectance values.

Currently, if I create a point annotation in a map I am also given the location and value of that annotation, but is there a way to see the reflectance value of a specific area in the map view (similar as when you can right-click in the map and get a location).

I want to compare the detailed RGB map in which I can see and identify a plant against an NDVI map, select the same plants and see the reflectance value.

Hi Chris,

You can create area annotations and you will see the Mean index on the right hand side panel.
You could also go to Export, Statistics.

Currently is not possible to get values just by clicking or hovering the mouse, but I share the feedback with the team.


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