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Plant/stand counting for broadacre crops please!?

Hi Pix4dfields crew,

As an independent agronomist, Pix4Dfields is awesome software to help variation in crops.

Pix4Dfields would be even greater if it could calculate plant/stand counts!!! Thats my first vote.

Keep up the good work!!

Anton Nicholls.

Hi Anton,

My pleasure to be in contact with you. We are pleased you like our product and shared this lovely feedback with us. Regarding your feature request, I shared it with our team. Can you please share with us the of your project to see how easy or complicated it will be to do plant counting there?


I have some data to share. How to send to you?


My colleague @Julius will reach out to you by private message.

Hi @Fernanda and @anton

Here is an example similar to this topic.



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Hi @rob.kirwood,

Thanks so much for sharing this, it is very useful.

No worries.

Please, @Fernanda/@Julius, keep me in the loop if your team is working or already have something like this in the system.

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Sure if there any updates regarding this topic we will write here or if necessary we will contact you directly. Thanks Rob for your cooperation.