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Pix4D mapper suggestions

Hi, some years ago I have started abusiness that deals with precision agricolture. I have been using Pix4D mapper for years and I have some suggestions. It would be interesting to be able to build DSMs andDTMs of the only selected regions and to implement an algorithm that counts the points within the regions below a certain quote. This quote can be fixed, so as to be able to corry out a count of the failures at least on the crops with vertical development. Furthermore it would be very useful for the prescription maps to develop atool similar to that of Pix4D Fields so that they can be viewed within the program it self. through some algorithms that correlate the Dsm and the DTM it would be possible to have an optimal elimination of the ground. I wonder if a similar function will ever be implemented. I have just a little question for you for my personal interest: I would like to hnow if it will ever be possible in the immediate future to be able to elaborate the thermal maps obtained though the Anafi Thermal. I would like to know what the community thinks of what i wrote. I thank Pix4D for the excellent tool created, I hope that you can consider my suggestions. My activity has carried out works in multiple agricolture crops such as : grain, lives,fruit and vegetable crops.
Greetings, Michele


Thank you for the feedback that you have provided to us, it is always a pleasure to read your comments and suggestions. Users can now vote for their favorite feature requests, and we as Pix4D are always tracking the information for future developments.

Regarding your question about the Anafi, thermal: we are currently working on it, but unfortunately, we do not have any specific date for this. There are further investigations that need to be done. We will definitely let our users know as soon as we have it in our database.

Thanks again