Support for thermal cameras

I feel little bit disappointed that Pix4DMatic is not able to process thermal images like Pix4DMapper. Add Matic does not have tools like Mosaic Editor and Index calculator. I hope you add these features to Matic.

Hi @Matti_Hytola

Thanks for sharing your feedback. We have thermal cameras and improving the orthomosaic in the roadmap, we just need some more time.

What use cases do you use your thermal camera for? e.g. solar plants inspection, building insulation checks,…

As for the Index Calculator, that’s probably not going to be there, as we have PIX4Dfields that is very much advanced in this domain. What we could consider though is a way to calibrate multispectral data in PIX4Dmatic with GCPs and then export to OPF (Open Photogrammetry Format) and then import into PIX4Dfields for further Indexes and capabilities. Would that work too?