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Thermal Orthomosaics

I currently have a DJI XTR camera and use it to take Thermal Images. In Pix4D how can I get a temperature scale for the reflectance map created?

Hi Aswin,

Have you tried the workflow described here:



This link is not opening, Can you give the new link for the above query?

Hi @supportrly,

I have updated the link.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey, Marco!

  1. Currently, Pix4D users cannot change temperature indexes for 3D networks and point clouds. I want to get such elevation as in the Index Map. Are such updates planned?

  2. When I make a convenient index map, I set the interval to 50-150 'C and get a GENIUS\BEAUTY\IDEAL image. She combined my Index Map and orthopaedic. I see: 1) my object and 2) the temperature range I need.

But! I can 't take that image. You can export a 3d grid or index map only individually.
I think that at the moment the Pix4D mapper is unable to export this together. If I 'm wrong, please tell me, how can I get this image?

I believe developers can make changes and add such a tool.

  1. Where does orthomoshik come from if its tab is not active and you cannot get it for thermal images?

Respect you very much, thank you!! image|690x297