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FLIR Thermal Studio- Pix4D can't orthomosaic post-processed images

Hi, we have run several flights’ worth of images through FLIR Thermal Studio Pro to change certain camera parameters (emissivity, apparent reflected temperature, ambient temperature and relative humidity) as a post-processing step. The original images orthomosaic just fine with Pix4Dmapper, but once they’ve been processed in FLIR Thermal, the orthomosaic processing is a mess. I have tried fixing the issue by checking the EXIF information, and geolocating the processed thermal images again, but cannot find why this may be happening. I can make these images available to you if needed. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Natalie, I have replied to your personal support request asking for the images. We/you can update the post after troubleshooting the issue.

Hi, thanks so much but we have resolved the issue- the camera name/version was being read in incorrectly. Afte changing this, the stitching works much better. Thanks so much

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