Please add basic support for exporting TIFFS from DJI H20T, Mavic 3T, Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced cameras.

DJI released the SDK


May I ask if your feature request relates to PIX4Dcapture and not PIX4Dmapper?


No my feature request relates to PIX4Dmapper.

We need H20T RJPEG support in Pix4DMapper. As mentioned above, the camera thermal SDK has been released for a while now.

It doesn’t look professional to deliver orthomosaic as RGB without any temperature measurement.


we really need this. I don’t know a good thermal mapper solution right now. In addition it would be ideal to integrate the RGB image into the workflow. The higher resolution RGB image should provide additional information to aid in orthorectification of the low res thermal image.


Common Pix4D, Im just going to leave something on the table…

What do you guys think will happen if you make this work? Make the thermal photos of the H20T camera work with Pix4D mapper so people can get thermal orthomosaics with temperature data?

Dont you think that MAYBE, Terra Users could switch and buy Pix4D Mapper instead, JUST because of this adjustment?

As simple as that. Its up to you.

As mentioned, DJI released their SDK.

You got the free pass there.

This is a necessary feature moving forward (H20T & M30T RJPEG support) as DJI keeps releasing new drones incorporating their proprietary thermal imaging processing.

I have a Pix4DMapper perpetual license and would like to continue using it as my go-to tool for mapping and thermal imaging. But, as a mechanical engineer, I need that temperature data as part of my analysis and deliverables.

Moving from the Matrice 210v2 with multiple payloads to a more compact unit (like the M30T) combined with Pix4DMapper to make my job a lot easier.

Please incorporate this feature as quickly as possible.


Hi, I have DJI H20T and am using Pix4d Mapper. Really hope to see Pix4d Mapper can convert RJPG of thermal image to tiff and generate thermal map with the software. So, may I know any prospective planning in Pix4d to solve the current dilemma?

Hi there as an owner of DJI mavic 3T I would appreciate to use and import thermal images into Pix4Dmapper. Be this dream become real as soon as possible. Thanks in advance

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I want to bring this feature request back up to everyone’s attention. As mentioned earlier, DJI will not stop making drones with the new format, …

there is a company that will convert H20T thermal images into Pix4D compatible format - Candrone. (H20T Thermal R-JPG to TIFF Radiometric Conversion Service – Candrone) They are usually pretty quick in turnaround time but the cost is 0.10$ (CAD) per image. They do not support M3T for this service. I have used them before and it worked well.

Hi, yes there are a few services that are doing this.
So far I’m aware of

  1. candrone, cloud, $0.10 CAD/image
  2. dronethermaltool, cloud, 299€/year plus 0.4€/GB
  3. ATYGEO THERMAL, local, 590€ + VAT
  4. Thermo Converter, local, 295 £/year / 995£ perpetual / +20% VAT
  5. DJI Thermal SDK, local, absolutely free²
  6. IRMapper, local, free

²Only downside with the Thermal SDK is, that it doesn’t copy EXIF information. EXIFtool is needed here. You have to feel comfortable with the commandline to use this tool. No GUI.

As far as I can tell, all of them are just using the Thermal SDK from DJI. So it should be very easy for Pix4D to implement a conversion before processing.

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Hey Julian

So far I have used Candrone (h20T images) and recently acquired Thermoconverter. Both worked really well in terms of creating RJPEG files that are compatible with Flir Tools but unfortunately it seems like there are some coding issues for processing the data sets in Pix4D (with thermoconverter). I had to jump to Drone Deploy as they do support the M3T for processing radiometric maps however it is not as hands on/less functionality. I am hoping that Pix4D does address this sooner than later. I posted some of my findings/the error message I am receiving when processing the converted M3T images and was hoping someone from support could give me some direction as to how I could work around this. M3T Converted Image

Thanks for posting the other links I will take a look


With the new Pix4D mapper update (4.9.0), the release notes says that it will now support DJI H20Thermal ZH20T_13.5_640x512 however when I go to bring the thermal photos into Pix4D, the camera model is still only RGB bands. Is it working for anyone else? Or did Pix4D say they updated the camera but didn’t include it.

Hello @colin.p, The software is only detecting it as a RGB images and process it. Processing with thermal values is not yet supported.

Hello, I saw that version 4.9.0 of Pix4D Mapper is compatible with the thermal images of the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced drone and the H20T camera - I wanted to know if with this update the Mapper will be able to generate radiomatric orthomosaics?

I’m waiting