Plant Stand counts Pix4d Fields

Was just reading this article Monitoring sunflower and corn throughout the growing season | Pix4D

In the Article it states that standcounts were conducted. Just wondering in this case study which software was used as im under the impression Pix4d Fields wont generate this data.

Yes it is correct PIX4Dfields does not currently have this feature. I am not aware what software they used specifically in that case, but there are a few options which use the outputs of PIX4Dfields to offer this like: solvi, agremo, picterra for example.

We are also interested in offering this feature in the future, if you can send us datasets we would appreciate it.

@Julius_Petri I’m expecting to have a Hemp germination dataset early January if that would be helpful ?

Stand count would be an exceptionally useful plugin for Fields, so if there is anything I can do to help, please reach out.