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Advice for NIR Filter for nex5 ?

Hi i want to modify my nex5 camera to  NIR.

Any Tips for a filter that is proven to work good?


thanks a lot!

Hello Alf,

Our software can process images captured by any drones/UAVs and any cameras (DSLR, large format or lightweight compact camera, perspective or fisheye lens). The only requirement is to have JPEG or TIFF images.

There are some specific multi-spectral cameras that are designed for radiometric fidelity and the manufacturer usually provides the tools to produce accurate results.

Please remember that not all sensors are suitable for the generation of a good reflectance map from which other relevant outputs are derived. When working with common or modified cameras, they are probably not designed for radiometric fidelity. They can still be used with Pix4Dmapper and give you good results provided that you perform some pre-processing to the images before importing them into our software. For example you should correct for vignetting, dark current, etc., which requires to have access to the RAW images files.

About camera requirements for agriculture precision:
About NIR cameras:

In addition, we usually provide some flight recommendations to obtain reliable agriculture results including:

  • Good connection between images of at least 85% frontal overlap and 70% side overlap.
  • Low fight altitude to have a more detailed visual content.
  • Accurate image geolocation.

Best regards,