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How to configure camera with NIR filter for processing?


I am using this Wratten 25 filter with GoPro Hero 3 to shoot NIR images.
I would like to create a NDVI index map from those, but can’t understand how to properly configure camera bands and other options for processing?

Here is diffusion graph of my filter:

Please let me know how to do this with Pix4D

I too would like to know this. I am struggling with my two MAPIR cameras, one IR and one Red. I finally was able to get the geotagging properly done but am struggling on how to setup these camera bands. I tried to modify the bands on a new one but it would not let me only have 1 band (IR - 808). Said something that it required all 3. Should I put the others and weight them low?

For us guys using multiple cameras with different bands would it be possible to show a “how to” or did I miss that one in one of the webinars? 



I finally set the bands like this for my NIR filter:

Thanks will give those settings a shot. How have they worked for you? I just tried my first NDVI flight and the processing didn’t go so well. :frowning:

Yes it did work for my Wratten 25 filter. I used only the red filter, no visible light or blue filter photos.

It worked fine for me.


Good luck!