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Camera Bands

I have uploaded pictures to create an ndvi map but it only picks up that I used a camera with RGB bands but it is outfitted with NIRGB. How do I fix this?

Hi Sarah, 


I tried to find a guide for that a camera manufacturer had on their website, but I can’t locate it right now. If I find it, I’ll come back and repost it. 


I know this is not very helpful (sorry!), but please visit this article if you haven’t already.


With converted consumer cameras, you’ll have to edit the bands yourself. Hopefully this is enough to at least get you started while I try to find that guide. 



No luck on the article I was looking for, but this might be a better P4D article-

All you can do is modify the bands manually like Derrick suggested. The band names and central bandwidth are not actually used in the processing unless your input images are from a Sensefly UAV pre-processed with eMotion.

If you can get that information maybe you could somehow tag it with EXIFTool.