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What camera do I select in Pix4DMapper if I am flying the Inspire 1 with the zenmusex3?

Hi. I am trying to figure out which camera I select in the import dialog in Pix4dmapper. Thank you.

Is the software giving you a choice? Normally it defaults to the correct camera. I fly the P3P mainly, but I don’t remember having to pick a camera with the last Inspire mission I ran. 

You don’t have to select a camera but it is the first drop down box selected after you import pix. 

Hello David,

The Zenmuse X3 of the DJI Inspire 1 Pro is not totally included in our camera database, meaning that we did not calibrate the camera and make the optimized internal parameters available yet.

However depending on the image size, you could select FC350_3.6_4000x3000 or FC350_3.6_4000x2250.
These cameras are similar to Zenmuse X3. Using one of these two models to process your project should work.

Best regards,