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Inspire 1 Camera Optimization

I have been using the Inspire 1 with the Capture App with good success. The only issue we have had is poor results when comparing the processed point cloud elevations to RTK GPS points. I have had as much as 0.50’ of error in a direct comparasion. The check points have also been coming up with poor quality.

 We use at least 4 or more GCP points per project. The GCP points have had really good quality of 0.04’ or less or error in the report, but independant points are not yielding good results.

 We have also has a problem with the Camera Optimization, it always fails. We have tried with and without geolocation and we have also tried usig the optimized paramaters. We just can’t seem to get the camera optimization to pass.

Anyone else had this issue?

We are thinking of upgrading the camera to the DJI Zenmuse x5 or X5R. DJI offers three different lenses for this camera, can anyone recommend which lens is best for mapping?



Hi Joe,

We had good luck with the Inspire and the P3P using GCPs at both 60 and 120 feet. Are you using the capture app and at what altitude are you flying?

Hi Joe,

Regarding the DJI Zenmuse X5 / X5R, we would recommend the 12mm lens since it provides a better overlap, especially flying under 50m.

Best regards,