Pix4DCapture - ZenmuseXT Mission Project File (.p4d) Bug

Just a heads up that there is a bug in the Pix4DCapture software (Android) when creating a mission using the ZenmuseXT thermal camera with the Inspire1 airframe.

When you try and load the project .p4d file on the desktop it will fail.  It is always looking for DJI_0000.jpg as the first image but the first image recorded is always DJI_0001.jpg.

The easy workaround is just to make a new project on the desktop with the images captured from the Pix4DCapture mission but it would be nice to have that bug fixed.

Hi Brad,

The Zenmuse XT is not officially supported in the sense that we did not make extensive testing with that camera although it flies as expected. Regarding the .p4d file that is generated, we have reported this bug to our developers. More integrated support will come in the coming weeks.

Another workaround is to edit the .p4d file with a text editor (e.g. Notepad++) and to remove the line corresponding to the wrong image.

Thank you for letting us know :).