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Thermal pictures all white with some black lines.

I am doing some urgent work and have been using pix4d capture using a DJI inspire 1 v 2.0 and a zenmuse XT.

I captured r-jpg’s fine yesterday but today all the images are completely white with some black lines.

I set up the camera in DJI go prior to flights. I watched the camera as the mission went on and it was seeing the scene in IR. When I downloaded the pictures to my laptop they are all black and white.

Any help??

Hi 2448139,
I did a search for older issues that maybe similar to what you have experienced. Unfortunately I could not find anything. I believe the issue is with the drone and not the app. The best I can do for you now is to point you towards our troubleshooting page for Capture and our page specifically for the DJI XT.