Pix4DCapture + ZenmuseXT - Multi Mission / Project Bug - Missing Pictures

I am having an issue with Pix4DCapture + ZenmuseXT + Inspire1 not acctually recording the pictures for significant portions of the flight if I make a Pix4Capture Project with multiple missions.

On May23 I had a 2 mission project.  On Mission1 only 92 images were recorded while Pix4DCapture reported there should have been 152.  Mission2 was not flown due to high winds.

On May25 I had a 3 mission project.  Mission1 had 170 of 170 recorded.  Mission2 only 92 of 185 recorded.  Mission3 had 79 of 127 recorded.

The Pix4DCapture software thinks the pictures are occurring as it makes the shutter sound effect and marks all the locations along the flight path were pictures ‘should’ have been taken.

Sounds as if a trigger command was sent to the sensor but for some reason the sensor failed to respond.

1 Line of sight to the aircraft is important to mitigate RF interference, brown-out, black-out.

2 Could any other environmentals be influencing mission profiles (wind, urban/rural, other transmission towers nearby) .

3 Intermittent problems are so frustrating …sorry!