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Waypoints Inspire pro x5

Pix 4d capture followed all instructions to for set up for flight,  hovering 1-2m, all checks showed ready. Press the start button as the drone icon moved to the top of checklist screen. No autonomous flight initated. Do you have to program the waypoint using the DJI Go app  to save my waypoints to the craft. So that data can be used in Pix4D capture

All firmware are up to date 

Jon, you do not want to use DJI Go to upload the waypoints if you are working with Pix4D Capture. When using Pix4D Capture make sure that DJI Go is not running in the background. I found that sometimes when I am having trouble I turn turn off the controller and the Inspire and shut down Pix4D Capture. Then, I turn on the controller, then the Inspire, arm and take off. Then, when it is hovering, I connect my phone to the controller and open Pix4D Capture again to create the mission. Having the Inspire 1 hovering when I create the mission has helped, you just have to move fast to not lose too much battery level. 

Understood on the app sequence of operation, the problem I want understand in Pix 4D  capture mission planner the flight should be autonomous?  Followed set up instructions for as flight in Pix 4D capture mission planner.  I manually initiated flight to 4 meters as recommended before the checklist all green checks appeared. Once you press and hold the for 3 sec the take-off button, will the aircraft go to the set altitude for the mission or do I manually increase the altitude to set height 120 ft to start the autonomous flight? I’m have read detail understanding of Pix 4D  capture am i missing a step in the process of mission planner so the aircraft will fly autonomous, as the app tells me when to take a photograph.  I totally understand if an issue with Beta program, I always close out of the Dji GO app when starting Pix 4D app.

Jon, Pix4D capture should upload waypoints so that when the mission starts the Inspire flies straight up to the mission altitude and then flies the waypoints automatically, taking pictures for you. The only time you would use manual control is when landing or if you were using the Free Flight mode. With Free Flight the camera automatically takes pictures you just have to fly, but with Grid Mission everything is automatic.

One trick I have heard is to take off and hover before opening the app to create the mission. It takes a little battery this way, but it has helped in the past with some missions that did not start automatically the first time.

Hi Jon

I had the same problem, some 2 months ago. I described it in this thread: 

The problem in my case was the usage of the mode-switch. In order to allow the mission to be upladed while on the ground, I switched to “F” and then back to “P”, before liftoff. That wasn’t a good idea. When I took off in “P” without prior switching to “F” and then - while hovering - switched to “F” and uplaoded the mission, it worked.

However, I had quite some problems with my I1 Pro / X5 with Pix4Dcapture. I finally gave up because Pix4D claimed that they wait for a new API from DJI…

But I’m very much interested in any news in respect to the X5.