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New to Pix4D

Hi, I’m new to Pix4d and want to clear some doubts before risking flying my P3A with the app, especially after reading of a p3 crashing down while using the app (

Okay, to use waypoint features on p3, one need to takeoff and hover at some altitude before switching to F switch. My question is, while it is true to switch to F mid air for normal waypoint via dji go app, does Pix4D require this as well?

Am I correct to follow this procedure?

1- Open DJI Go app, do settings as require.

2- Starts motor and takeoff

3- Hover and switch to F mode

4- Close/Kill DJI Go app and open Pix4D app

5- Start mission

6- Mission ends, switch to P mode

7- Land.


Thank you for entertaining this question.

For some reason, the faq I read before posting this didn’t  mentioned P3 at all.

Now that I found the link for procedure, I’m all good.–Android-Pix4Dmapper-Capture-App-Getting-Started#label62



Hi Aizal,

Have you tried to make your P3A fly with Pix4Dcapture?
Note the the app is still beta for this drone. The beta version means that Pix4Dcapture is not completely stable.

It means that the application might crash during the mission, but it has no influence on the drone. We are also aware of some issues that might happen but depend on the Android version and device time to time. Many users do not encounter problems, same here in our office with our Android devices. DJI recently released a new SDK that should fix the problem. Our Capture team will soon integrate it.

You should also be prepared to take manual control of the drone at any time during the mission and try the app in a safe environment.

Pix4Dcapture getting started procedure (Android):
Processing from the .p4d file produced by the app (1):
Processing without the .p4d file (2):

We actually recommend to process from scratch and create a new project when opening Pix4Dmapper (computer software). Indeed you should not to use the .p4d file because some synchronization issues might generate a wrong .p4d file. Please follow procedure 2.

Best regards,