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Inspire 1 and pix4d capture

I keep having issues with the mission not running, losing connection to the drone, and pix4d crashing mid mission once i get a mission going. All apps are up to date on galaxy tab w/ Adnroid 7 OS, and Inspire 1 and controller have latest firmware. its about a 1 in 5 chance every time we fly that a mission goes uninterrupted. about ready to trash it all and start with something else. 

Hi Les,

For optimal experience with Pix4Dcapture, we recommend to proceed with basic checks.

Do you experience some issues while flying the drone with DJI GO?

Make sure that you are able to fly the drone with DJI GO app and that all the sensors are calibrated. If you are not able to fly the drone with the DJI GO app then it will, most probably, also not work with Pix4Dcapture.
As a side note, after flying the drone with DJI GO app make sure that this specific app is not running in the background while using Pix4Dcapture. More here: 


Those are rookie mistakes and we have been flying for over a year with this setup. so to answer your question, yes we check and calibrate each flight location with DJI app first, then proceed to shutdown app and the use PIX4d Capture for our grid missions.

No flights with DJI go have issues. its only with the PIX4d app.

I am having the same issue as well with the iOS system. There are times that the mission won’t even load to the drone. 

Could you submit a request with all the log files (how to extract)?

I suspect that the drone is not responding fast enough to Pix4Dcapture so the mission cannot start because the drone is not ready. I would suggest to read this article. and make sure that you proceeded with the basic checks.

I am having the same issue with Inspire 1 and used the last PIX4D Capture through Ctrl+DJI

Hubert I have to put the controller as close as possibly to the inspire to get it to work. Mine just started to work recently though and I am using iOS system. 

Thank you Matthew. I´m using Android, but I’m using Android but I’ll be sure to be closer to the Inspire to see if it captures the home point without problems