Mapping with the Inspire 1

I see some of you are able to work with the Inspire to capture maps, I am having some trouble just getting off the ground. Even though my NVIDIA tablet is online Pix4D keeps telling me to connect the drone to the internet before the flight and I can’t capture any images.


How are other Inspire 1 pilots fixing this or working around it? 

Your question is unclear to me.

Are you using Pix4D app or Go for mission control and capture?


If the application is asking you to connect to internet it is normally requesting the DJI SDK token. The internet connection is required when launching the app for the first time and from time to time to get the DJI SDK token.

This token is necessary to connect to the drone.

Once the token is activated it is not needed to have internet access to use the app.

Make sure that the tablet has internet access before launching the app.

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Mitchell - last weekend, I used the I1 with the Nvidia Sheild tablet with the latest FW and I had similar issues.  It took several tries of turning the devices on and off but I was able to get it to work.  I was connected to my hotspot for internet for the entire time.  I’m currently documenting my process and will try again this week to see if I can get more consistent results.

Also, the other thing I tried was to turn off usb debugging mode and turn it back on. 

@ Andy     I have not been able to upload any missions, it has been a while since I tried. I think it maybe be  Nvidia related, I will be trying with new devices soon.

@ Support Sometimes the upload crashes and quickly mentions I need a SDK token very quickly. 

@ Gary I am using the Pix4D app, I can’t upload the mission so I take the photos off of the CD card which are GPS ID’d by the Inspire not Pix4D

@Support    Is there any way to manual upload missions from my tablet? Without uploading from the Inspire to the cloud?

@Mitch:  for your last question, you can open the capture app and email it to yourself.  Look at step 4.

However, I’m having issues with getting the mission file to see the photos after I’ve already downloaded it to my computer.–Android-How-to-transfer-the-p4d-file-from-the-device-to-the-computer-using-Pix4Dmapper-Capture-App


@Mitch:  This is another option that I just tried:–Android-How-to-manually-transfer-the-images-and-p4d-file-from-the-device-to-the-computer

@Support:  I might make a new thread but thought I’d post it here first, once I download the project p4d file and photos, I click on the p4d file and it opens the software.  I get the error message below.  What’s weird is that DJI_161 is not part of the group of photos for Mission1.  So why is it asking for it? I can’t get beyond this step. Mission 1 photos are from DJI-0004 to DJI_0029.



@ Mitchell: The SDK token is needed for the app to connect to the drone. It is requested the first time that you open the app and from time to time. If you get this message: connect your phone to internet and restart Capture.

You don’t have to use the Pix4D Cloud to process your images. You can either:

  • Don’t sync the images from the drone to the phone and transfer the images from the drone SD card to the computer.  Then transfer the the p4d file which is created on the phone by email or via USB.
  • Sync the images and transfer the images + the p4d file from the phone to the computer via USB.

More information here: 

@ Andy: We are still working on the snyc/upload of the images from the drone to the phone. Unfortunately the current DJI SDK does not allow the app to download the images properly. 

For the moment we recommend to transfer the images from the drone’s SD card to the computer and to create a new project to process the images.

The image name might be incorrect in the p4d because the drone does not send the name of the images to the app and it needs to guess the name of the images that are on the SD card. 

The application knows how many images are present on the drone’s SD card before the mission and at the end of the mission the application knows how many images were taken during the mission. When creating the p4d file it will start naming the images in the p4d based on the number of images that were previously on the drone’s SD card.

Therefore it helps to format your SD card before performing a new mission and if you need to delete some images on the SD card delete them all.

But again, for the moment to process the images it is easier to create a project from scratch and to use the images that are on the drone’s SD card.

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