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Unplanned upgrade to DJI Go & firmware

Aloha, I had installed the beta firmware on my inspire 1, and gotten my android setup with pix4d capture and had a good test flight with the capture app and everything seemed to work. Then I decided to do a flight (the next day) with my iPad mini 2 tablet. The ipad had auto updated and the pilot ap was gone, replaced by the new GO app. The app required me to upgrade my drone firmware to I got the inspire and all my batteries updated, and had a good test flight. Now I am unable to get he capture app to connect to the drone fully. The ap reports 0% battery and indicates the app can’t connect to ground station. The video feed comes through and is visible within the capture ap, and I can pan camera up and down, but the app won’t let me take off due to battery and GS not being connected. Do I need to reinstall the beta firmware on the inspire and just forget about the iPad for now. Would love to do more testing of the capture app, but unsure of best way to proceed.

Hi Aaron,

thanks for the feedback.
DJI has indeed a bit of a mess with firmware upgrades, as they have different ones for each of their drone, and a whole another set that they label as “dev firmware” and “beta firmware”.
However the good news is that this will be soon solved as they are making great progress into finally providing a firmware that will work both for the Pilot and their SDK.

Until then, either stay with the firmware we suggest in our beta thread–Android-Beta-Phantom-3-Professional-Advanced-and-Inspire-1

Or as a workaround use the DJI PIlot app and try to fly a grid flight manually with time-lapse pictures.

best regards,

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I am looking forward to Pix4D Support promising that “this will soon be solved” in anticipation.

My Inspire 1 is ready. Peripherals ready. Once this is solved I am on board!

Hi Franz,

We have released the beta version 2.0.4 of the app which is compatible with the current DJI public firmware, V1.4.0010. Make sure to update both the drone and the app to use it.

For more information:–Android-Beta-Phantom-3-Professional-Advanced-and-Inspire-1?page=10