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Inspire 2 not connecting after updates.

Hi. Ive updated the FW in my I2 and the respective apps to run capture (Android). Since the updates I have been unable to connect to the craft via the app to plan some new missions. I’m using the same tablet as before. All worked before the FW updates, was able to connect, plan and fly grids etc. DJI GO 4 is all ok but I’m getting no data into ctrl+ on it’s own. Need to get this sorted as have flights planned soon for mapping research. Thanks! Conor. 

Hi Conor,

our tester was not able to reproduce the issue you are facing (new firmware, I2,…) and there were no connectivity issues.

Before going to the field, try to open the app and select the I2 drone while you have internet connection. Let us know if you are still facing the issue.