How do I update the firmware on my Inspire 1 controller with the beta version of the capture app?

I have successfully updated the firmware on the drone but get no response from the controller. The app will open but when I select Grid Mission it tries to start but fails and returns to the home page. I have corresponded with DJI but to no avail. Their last response was " You could use our official app to have a look at your remote controller needs update or not. If in app, it shows you don’t have to update, then you could not update it. Besides, the U disk update for the remote controller doesn’t work any more."

Hi Andy,
Please note that you cannot update the firmware of your drone using our application.

Have you tried using the DJI GO application? Martin on the following forum post was also having issues upgrading the firmware on his remote controller and using the DJI GO application he was able to solve it:–Android-Beta-Phantom-3-Professional-Advanced-and-Inspire-1?page=5


I updated the drone firmware with the file that I downloaded from the DJI site. As I was having problems with the Pix4d Capture App, I assumed that it was because I was unable to update the controller. The DJI Go App indicates that my firmware is up to date. After multiple trials, I got the Capture App operational. The remaining problem was that it was not getting a battery level signal from the drone (it showed 0%) so the mission could not be started. All other checks were in the green. I am using a Nexus 9 tablet. As the App is very unstable at best, we will likely just wait for the final version and quit trying with the BETA.

We had same problem as Andy, but without updating firmware. We just used the Capture App in manual flight mode and found it to work well that way for now. We used the Inspire 1.


Note that at the moment the latest version of the app (2.0.4) is compatible with the latest DJI public firmware,  V1.4.0010. Make sure to use this firmware and app version.

Regarding the battery level to 0%, it is a known bug in the current DJI firmware, we are is close contact with them to solve this issue. In the meanwhile, to fly with the app, you need to enable the Advanced mode of the app then in the checklist press on the Battery check and ignore this check.

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