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Inspire 1 / iOS - Mission doesn't start or drone flys away

Last week I was flying a mission by parts and the first couple flights went correctly but on the third one the drone stopped taking pictures as soon as it arrived to the turning point on the grid. This has been happening every single time since then. I have made sure the DJI app is not running, the latest firmware is installed, the pix4D app is the latest and the mission is fully uploaded when it takes of.

Yesterday, I tried again, same behavior but this time the drone finished the first leg of the grid and then it started flying erratically. One note, the “ignore home point” was set to “Yes”.

I need help, I have a job tomorrow and I can’t use the app to map the site.

Hello Mark,

Did you use the Safe or the Fast mode for triggering the pictures? Which camera is used with Inspire 1?

In the Fast mode, gaps in the image acquisition can happen because of connection loss. The app receives the GPS location of the drone and sends a signal to trigger the shutter of the camera. The drone takes a picture and sends back to the app a signal that the picture was taken. The app shows the camera icon at the position of the drone when the message is received.

Indeed some delays may happen in this process.Therefore, the camera icons on the flight track of the grid do not always correspond to the exact location of the photos where they were taken. Sometimes the app does not know whether an image was indeed taken so the camera icon does not show up which explains gaps.

To know if the drone regularly took pictures, we suggest that you open Pix4Dmapper on your computer and import the images that were saved onto the drone’s SD card. The images have accurate coordinates but not the icon on the Map view of the app. Additionally, please make always sure that there is available space in the SD card. 

Regarding the fly away event, the drone always refers to geolocation information sent by the app meaning the home point from the first location. The app should be restarted to reset the home point. Did the drone fly towards the previous place, meaning where it was turned on the first time? When the Ignore home point option is enabled the app will ignore the limitation of having a maximum distance of 150 m from the center of the grid during the take off.