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warning: no initial frame

Hello, I have a message "warning: no initilal frame" in the initial treatment. Could someone inform me?  
thank you.

Hi Corcy,

Does this happen during step 1? Is step 1 successful or does it fail?

If step 1 is successful, then you should not worry, as this is a warning and not an error :-)

If it fails, please give us more information: how many images, what camera are you using, please also add screenshots of the log file.

Hello Christina,

it depends projects. I think it’s a problem of overlap between different photos. 

In many projects step 1 successful but pix4D create different blocs with lot of problems of axes rotation. They are not aligned.


I have an other problem. I can merge differents projects but often there is a problem. The project is invisible, black screen… Can you explain me ?

I have a big computer :

intel core i7 4G



I do not think this problem is related to my configuration


Thanks for your request.


Best regards

we tried to make a big project with more 3200 pictures. it failed.

Also, we tried to make different projects for apply a merge between them.

The first step successful on all projects. But after merge, one project failed and camera became red, no calibrate.

It’s a big project for us, nd for our development. Please help us.


Hi Corcy,

In regards with the warning: no initial frame: You should not worry if step 1 is successful. When there are blocks and misalignment, we recommend adding MTPs.

Please create a separate post for this new problem (merging). Limiting a post to one topic makes it easier for other users to find answers. I will check your new post and answer there :slight_smile:

More information about merging: How to merge projects in Pix4Dmapper

One other note, depending on the MP of the pictures, 3,200 is likely more than that computer can handle.  I can do over 3,500 photos that are 42MP but it takes double the memory of your listed system.

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