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initial prrocessing error

 I have processed  a project of 723 images. After completion of initial process, quality report was generated. it shows the error of dataset that enables 4 blocks and also there is a shift in the sample point cloud. Eventhough I have tried an alternative calbration and all prior in internal parameters optimisation. How to rectify the problem.

Here i have attached the quality report**** 

Hi selvakumar,

Thank you for sharing the screenshot and the quality report. 

I had a look at both of them and noticed the same, at some point the project breaks into different blocks that are not connected together (vertical gap).

This typically happens when there are not enough features detected in a specific area and the software cannot connect different flight together, or when the image geolocation is not accurate enough.

At this point, I would recommend the following:

  • Create Manual Tie Points and/or GCPs in the intersection area between projects and Reoptimize. More here: Vertical Shift between Flight Blocks
  • Increase the overlapping area between the flights.
  • (Optional) Process every flight in a separate project and merge in the end. More information here (video included): Merging Projects


Thanks Blaz,

I will try it & let you know about it.