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Merging multiple sub-projects failure: Warning w0008

I have a large data set which has been split in to 9 sub-projects. The raw data was captured across three flights with the same sensor.

All nine sub-projects have been run through step one of processing however when I attempt to merge the projects I get the following error message.

Cannot merge inputs:(pix4d_cameras_merge.cpp:81) Camera ID 18446744073709551615 not found

Warning w0008

Hi Stuart,

Could you please provide the project file (.p4d) and log file for each 9 sub-projects plus the final merged project? You can share them here of via the request that you submitted as you prefer.

I am merging two projects.  Step 1 has been completed for both projects and, in fact, both have been Reoptimized.

During the merging process, I am receiving this message:

“Merged projects have different parameters for point cloud densification. Warning w0058”

It appears that the merging process is still continuing, but will this pose a problem?  Do I need to cancel the process and make some type of change to one or both of the two projects being merged?

Hi Susan, your understanding is correct, this is just a warning that informs the users that some processing options are different but the merging and further processing can still be done. 

My go-to solution would be to leave the subprojects as they are and merge them. Before processing further steps in the merged project, review the processing option in order to make sure that they are set the way you would like them to be.